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iDynamics Commissions

Would you like to improve the management of your sales team’s commissions? What if you could do it from your own ERP?
iDynamics Commissions allows the calculation, allocation, and settlement of direct sales commissions and commissions on sales targets of a company’s salespeople directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central. Additionally, if working with teams of salespeople, team members (or any particular role) can also receive commissions from the sales of other team members.

With this tool, you will be able to establish the necessary control mechanisms to measure the results, without waiting for the final evaluation. As you see the results in real-time, you can apply corrective measures, depending on the data that is obtained.

Improve the management of your company’s commercial commissions and take advantage of it to control which objectives are met and which must be reviewed. Download and try iDynamics Commissions for free now!

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Supported Editions
Dynamics 365 Business Central



If you are a small business with up to 4 full Business Central users (essential or premium), you’re in luck; A free version of iDynamics Commissions is now available to manage the commissions of your sales team. And if you are a slightly larger company or need advanced functionality, you can use the premium edition.
Free Edition Premium Edition
Define item commissions
Define resource commissions
Define commissions for GL acccounts
Set target based commissions
Commission forecast reports
Sales reports by month/period
Multiple salespeople in a single sales document
Commission settlement
External salespeople
Commission penalties on unpaid invoices
Simple commission rates logic
Advanced commission rates logic
Mass-email commission and sales reports
Reassing sales documents
Reassign commissions
Manually create commission entries
Commission adjustment journal
Commission import journal
Commission management for sales teams (roles)
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Integration Events for Customizations
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